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ISO 14001

If you approach buying a home like acquiring a painting or a sculpture, then The Glebe might just be for you. At this gated residential London development, now nearing completion, the numbers tell the story: 10 famous designers and 10 years in the making; eight residences ranging in size from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet (an adjacent townhouse extends to 21,000 square feet); six individualized swimming pools; a two-ton “guillotine” window—the largest of its kind in Europe; and one acre of land.

And it is not just any land. The parcel that this redbrick former school building sits on is hidden away in the oldest part of Chelsea, a neighborhood associated with royalty dating to the days of King Henry VIII (Chelsea’s King’s Road was so-called for a reason). This area has attracted wealthy connoisseurs and discerning collectors ever since—plus artists, craftspeople, and, since the ’60s, rock stars, fashion designers, and photographers. The concept behind The Glebe is to help perpetuate this lineage, possibly for generations to come.

Quality politics

Our Company maintains a COMMITMENT to improve ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, PREVENTION, SAFETY AND HEALTH, as well as the implementation of QUALITY control in all works. WORKING CONDITIONS ARE REVIEWED AND IMPROVED on a continuous basis in order to identify, assess and minimize risks to the health of staff. Our Company is convinced that these measures favor an increase in the levels of general safety, health and well-being of our workers. WE WORK TO ACHIEVE AN ADEQUATE AND RESPONSIBLE USE OF NATURAL RESOURCES, analyzing the consumption of products and materials and using those that favor the greatest protection of the environment. The necessary waste management is included in the development of our work, minimizing, as far as possible, the environmental impact. WE MANAGE our Organization systematically satisfying our customers and IMPROVING QUALITY PROCESSES; setting objectives, monitoring and evaluating progress and ensuring that both the work and the final services we deliver are reliable and comply with the applicable codes, standards and specifications.